South Plainfield Ballfields Revisited

Rocky and I took a trip down memory lane in September 2013, and visited as many of the old Small Fry ballfields as we could find. Here are some photos:

Early on the ballfields available for the Small Fry League were Franklin Field, Borough Park, Mildred St Playground and the Park Avenue Playground. Franklin Field became a housing development (in the 60s we believe), and we think the Park Ave Playground was where Kennedy School stands today. Mildred Street Playground was where Riley School stands today. We took a picture from behind Sacred Heart School when we were trying to figure out where the Park Avenue Playground was located (it was also known as Sacred Heart Playground). Some of the early locations are still in use though and we were able to snap a few photos. A lot of baseball was played at Southside Borough Park, known then as Pitt Field. Both the Small Fry and Pony Leagues played there for many years. We noticed that a field has been added to the Pitt Field location; originally it had the two fields only. Borough Park (now called Mill Street Park) also got a lot of use, as did the field behind Our Lady of Czestochowa Church. Both Borough Park and Pitt Field today are pretty much how they were in the 60s. Pitt Field is now called Ponytail Park. Spicer Field opened in 1965 and of course today is Memorial Park and contains multiple baseball diamonds.

We’d love to hear from anyone who might know something about the Mildred St and Park Avenue Playgrounds. We don’t have much if any information about those locations.


  • Bob Barone says:

    I don’t know if this helps but I played in the S.P. program until I was 15 yoa. In 1966 (my “C” league year) there were 5 ballfields being used. All “c” league games were at Borough park. All “B” league games were at Spicer field. All “A” league games were at Pitt St. Park. All “Pony B” games were at Pitt St. Park. All “Pony A’ league games were at Spicer field. On rare occasions locations would change due to field conditions after poor weather. Pitt Park had 2 fields at the time as did Spicer field. In 1971 or 72 the “Pony A” field had the lights installed for night play. My father (Frank) literally ran the equipment to install the light poles. He along with Owen Kelly, Ed Mazepa and others were instrumental in starting the complex at Spicer field that it has become.

    • SP Small Fry says:

      Hi Bob, thanks for the info. Since 1965 was my last year playing, I really had no idea what happened after that. I know we played Pony League at Spicer in ’65, so things then were pretty much the same as your first year playing in 1966. I noticed the lights when we drove around to the fields, and wondered when that happened. I also don’t remember there being a Pony “B” league when I was playing, but I guess that started around that mid-60s period also. The Barone name certainly sounds familiar to me, so I wonder when your Dad got involved with the league. It’s cool that your father installed the lighting, and that’s a nice setup at Spicer now.

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