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On this page we’ll post all the pictures, newspaper articles and stuff we get sent to us by friends of the South Plainfield Small Fry baseball site. Hopefully our readers can help us fill in some of the names and add pertinent information as we go along. Thanks for any and all help and feedback. If you have information, questions or contributions for us, please email us through the contact link. If anyone would like to contribute a personal story or memory about your time in the league let us know, we’re open to considering all reader contributions!

1961 B Red Sox (contributed by Art DiGrazia)

61 red sox

The 1957 Cornell Dubilier Small Fry Indians,  league champs.(contributed by Bobby Fulton)

indians (2)

The 1957 Cornell Dubilier Small Fry Indians,  league champs.

Front row L-R. Mr. Versocki..Richie Versocki..Mr. Bolesta..
Second row L-R. Gigi Schiappa, Richie Steele, Mike Kish, Mickey Saverd, Bill Hopler
Third row L-R. Johnny Bogdan, Walter Batog, Bobby Fulton, Leo Beenders, Leroy Miles
Back row L-R. Freddie Kirchofer, Chuckie McIver, Butchie Bolesta, Buddy McNair, Mr. Bogdan



1966 B League Tigers (contributed by Bud Watson)

1966 B League Tigers

1966 B League Tigers Kneeling: Jim Walsh, Kevin Madden, Ralph Watson, Todd ?, Mike Mocerino, Robert Dare, Eli Tepperberg and Glenn Squires Standing: Robert Dare Sr., Coach Ralph Watson, Helmut Bischof, Pio Pennisi, ?, Russell Chalkley, John Vargo and Manager Len Mocerino


circa 1962 Small Fry B Phillies  (contributed by Bruce Reinartsen)


Back row: Bill Gundersen, Bruce Reinartsen, Richie McCrisken, Dick Straz, Tom Jensen, Mike Galasso, Jin Thorton, Bob Jensen
Front row: Bill Gundersen, Ronnie Kassay, Jimmy Butrico, Dennis Anastario, Rob Jensen, Corky Kassay, Dave Thorton
Kneeling up front: Young Jensen


1965 or 66 Pony B Pirates  (contributed by Robert Dowdy)


Back row; Tony Manicozzi, Joe Mondoro, unknown, Donald Kucharz, Fred Falten, unknown, Carl Mondoro, John Mruz, Mr Renner
Front row: unknown, Robert Dowdy, unknown, Pacifico, Glen Manicozzi, Thomas Minlionica, unknown, J Crescenzi, unknown


1957 Small Fry Dodgers  (contributed by Davey Forgash Sacco)

1957 Small Fry Dodgers

Front row left to right:  Joe Mazurkewicz, Jimmy Anderson, Billy Gallo,  Franci Cullen, Joe Sacco, Joe Crecenzi
Second row: Vincent Maltese, Reese Kirchoffer, Roger Caterino, Peter Schleif, Bob Yackanin
Back row: Mr Caterino, Billy Anderson, Tony Danzo, Fred Pellegrino, Mr. Schiavi




1966 Small Fry C Dodgers  (contributed by Bud Watson)

ca 1966 Dodgers, from Bud Watson

1966 Small Fry “C” Dodgers
So far we have these names:
Mike Mocerino (far left kneeling front)
Ken Zielinski (middle front row)
Ralph Watson (to Ken’s right)
Pio Pinissi (top row last on right)
Jimmy Flannery (3rd from Left front row)
Jim Walsh (front row 2nd from left)
Mr Mocerino coach
One other player mentioned as being on the team but not identified in the photo : Bryan Pasacrita




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