We’d like to thank:

  • Dorothy Miele (and Charlie) from the South Plainfield Historical Society for allowing us access to their archives
  • Danielle Aronowitz with the South Plainfield Public Library for her help with the micro fiche machine
  • Randy Carone for lending his expertise in cleaning up old photos and newspaper articles
  • Pam Farrell for designing the logo
  • Bonnie Gundersen Risoli and Bill Gundersen for tracking down the names of all the 62 Phillies
  • Bruce Reinartsen for the 62 Phillies photo
  • Robert Dowdy for the 65/66 Pirates photo
  • Bud Watson for the 66 Dodgers photo
  • Davey Forgash Sacco for the 1957 Dodgers photo
  • Bill Kelley for filling in some blanks on the 1965/66 Pirates.