1959 Opening Day S&H article

We’re lucky enough to have an S&H Green Stamp publication intact from 1960.  Opening Day 1959 in the Small Fry “A” League saw a Cubs vs. Braves matchup at Pitt Field following the opening ceremonies. S&H Green Stamps sponsored the Cubs that year, and S&H featured a center spread devoted to the South Plainfield Small Fry League in their corporate publication. Prominently pictured was South Plainfield Mayor Robert Baldwin tossing out the first ball. We have the article reproduced here (you can click on the photo for a clearer look):



If anyone can help us identify anyone in the pictures we’d sure appreciate it. Upper left is Tim Farrell batting and Ron Kuboski umpiring. We don’t know the catcher. Top center shows some live action at Pitt Field from 1959 (we believe 1959 since the dugout roof had yet to be installed). We think that’s Bobby Crowe of the Cubs sliding home and the catcher is Billy Newman.  Top right… again Tim Farrell sliding home, Ron Kuboski with the out call, again the catcher is unknown. Bottom left we think is Neil Sullivan playing first base for the Cubs. Finally lower right, Mayor Baldwin front and center. Cub cheerleaders: Maureen Haggerty, Kathy Thompson, Sue Farrell, Mary Fisher and Eleanor Farrell are in the front row. On the Mayor’s lap of course is Terry Farrell. Bobby Crowe sits to the right of the Mayor. That might be Alan Scherzinger behind Bobby, and Drew Forgash above Maureen. Anyone recognize any of the other players?


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