(video) 1956 Small Fry and Pony League action

Our next video up shows some Small Fry and Pony League action. I think this is 1956. It starts at Franklin Field with a game that looks to be between the Small Fry Yanks and Braves. Franklin Field, long gone and now resting comfortably under a housing development, was on the corner of Grant and Franklin Avenues. The main highlight for me at least here is actually seeing Franklin Field, a regular ball field for me growing up a few blocks away. In the first few years, Franklin Field was perhaps the main field for Small Fry play. The Recreation Commission also used Franklin Field for its summer playground program. Gotta love those early 50s cars motoring by on Grant Ave. Looks like we have a home run in here too.

At about the 1:26 mark the film switches over to what I’m pretty sure is a Pony League game. If indeed this is 1956, this was the first year of Pony League. It looks like the field is under construction, which leads me to believe it’s at Southside Borough Park (know to us back then as Pitt Field). If anyone can identify this field for sure, or the teams, shoot us an email! In 1956 there were only four Pony League teams the White Sox, Red Sox, Cardinals and Cubs.

At around 2:46 looks like we have 15 or so seconds of the Dodgers bench (not sure where this was) and finally at around the 3:00 mark we look to be back at Franklin Field.

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